Spinach Powder – Organic & Natural Spinach

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Bring the spinach greens onto your table the easy way!
Spinach powder is made from spinach leaves and can refine or color almost any main course in a beautiful green. Master chefs use our powdered spinach for the production of green pasta (how about healthy green spaghetti?).

You can even make colorful pasta by mixing with our other all natural, all organic food dyes. Just mix a little of the spinach powder into your pasta and it will turn into a beautiful green.

100% pure powdered spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.)
Country of Origin: Germany
Storage Instructions: Dry, cool & dark conditions
Dietary & Allergy Info: 100% natural, pure, no gmo, vegan, raw and gluten free.
Low fat, low saturated fat, cholesterol free, excellent source of : dietary fiber, protein, vitamin A & C, calcium and iron
Manufactured by: Fluxias GmbH, Rolgenmoos 2, 88263 Horgenzell, Germany
Net Weight: 50g/1.76oz

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Our spinach powder is almost tasteles, so you can easily make green cookies or cakes without a “spinach” taste.

The taste is very subtle, almost not noticeable but the amazing green color is a real eye-catcher!


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