Premium Organic Red Matcha

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Red matcha is made from all organic micro-powdered hibiscus flowers (wild rosella) which are harvested by hand before dawn.

Make delicious red matcha tea, natural red cocktails or use as natural red food dye. Try a cup of red matcha and be amazed!

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Delicious hibiscus flower powder

Red matcha is made from premium organic hibiscus blossoms.
Perfect for exotic cocktails, drinks or hibiscus blossom infusion.
You can even use red matcha as all natural red food dye!

Red Matcha comes in a handmade natural bamboo tube and contains 22g/0.77oz.

It's 100% nature in powdered form

Red Matcha can be used in thousands of ways in the kitchen, for baking, cooking or at the bar, just like green matcha. For a basic red matcha tea, use 2 teaspoons of our powdered hibiscus blossoms and pour 500 ml/17 fl.oz of boiling water on top. Let the red matcha steep for up to 10 minutes, it’ll taste pleasantly sour – feel free to mix with organic honey or sugar for a more complex flavor.

Our hibiscus flowers of the Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) originate from Sudan and are harvested in the evening and morning hours before dawn since the hibiscus flowers produce the most aroma/flavor during this time.  The hibiscus flowers are air-dried after harvesting, then finely ground into red matcha powder.

Due to the ultra fine milled hibiscus powder, red matcha tastes very intense and produces a deep red color in any food. This can be used to color rice, frosting, cakes, pasta or basically any drink into a beautiful red. Being all natural and organic you won’t have to feel guilty about drinking it either, it’s pure goodness made from 100% nature.

Wild rosella, roselle and hibiscus tea are enjoyed throughout the world. Red matcha introduces an all new way to consume the healthy, red blossoms. Simply use hot OR cold water, add a teaspoon of red matcha and use your matcha whisk to instantly create a delicious red beverage that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Red matcha has NO caffeine

Red matcha does not contain any caffeine and is absolutely safe to drink for adults and childen alike.

Hibiscus blossoms are rich in various fruit acids, vitamin C, anthocyanins (flower dyes), pectins and essential oils.

Red Matcha has a tart, cranberry-like flavour, and sugar is often added to sweeten it.

The tea contains precious vitamin C and minerals: 100% Natural & Vegetarian

No Caffeine, No Sugar, No Lactose, No Gluten

Get ready for red matcha and let it transform your kitchen or bar!

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Product Overview & Details

Net Weight: 0.7oz / 22g
Ingredients: 100% hibiscus flowers, ground
Botanical name:Hibiscus rosa-sinensis/Hibiscus sabdariffa
Processed and manufactured in: Germany
Country of Origin: Sudan
EAN number: 0768737272373 | SKU: FL138 | Method: Stone ground
Packaging: Natural round bamboo container
Quality: 100% Natural organic quality, free from harmful substances/chemicals/heavy metals. 100% cruelty-free.
Color and taste: Typical | Parts used: Petals
Storage Instructions: Dry, Cool & Dark Conditions
Dietary & Allergy Info: Non GMO, Gluten Free. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians. No chemicals/preservatives/additives.
Best before: 24 months from production date
FDA Company Registration Number: 17341366304

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