Pure Sandalwood Powder

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Pure red sandalwood powder is quite rare and almost forgotten.

Our sandalwood will turn your beverages, smoothie bowls and cereals into a beautiful brown hue, giving it an exotic taste reminding you of a mysterious trip to an ancient temple in Asia.

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Red sandalwood is obtained from the red colored wood of the sandalwood tree. It is native to India and Asia. Cut red sandalwood has essential oils like sesquiterpenes and cedrol, as well as dyes and flavonoids. The red sandalwood has a wide range of uses. It is used for drinking as tea, but also for the production of colors and smoking. In Europe, red sandalwood is not used in folk medicine. But since it has a nice red color, the red sandalwood is cut and incorporated into incense as an optical eye-catcher. Compared to the white sandalwood, the red sandalwood is stronger in the fragrance, but the red sandalwood also has a fine fragrance.

Pure sandalwood powder dyes linen, silk and wool deep into a beautiful, deep red. As a natural dye, the red sandalwood is used in baked goods, tea and puddings. Other uses include mouthwash and toothpowder, as well as an infusion to give drinks a refreshing taste.
The tea from the red sandalwood is prepared with a cup of cold water which is then boiled, use half a teaspoon of pure sandalwood powder for each cup of tea. After boiling, let the tea soak for 5 to 10 minutes.

Note: Always steep and sieve pure sandalwood powder in beverages and dishes, use only the extracted color and throw out the residues as they contain actual sandalwood.


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