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Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Powder

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Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Powder –  makes magical blue tea or 100% natural food coloring!

  • 50g/1.8oz – makes 50 cups
  • Made in Germany – Premium Quality
  • Worldwide registered priority airmail – fast shipping
  • No chemicals/preservatives/additives
  • No Caffeine or Sugar
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Our butterfly pea flower powder is made by grinding organic, dried butterfly pea flowers (the scientific name is Clitoria ternatea, they’re also known as blue pea or Asian pigeonwings). These unique blue flowers have been used for centuries to color liquids and food naturally blue, mainly in Asia but also in other parts of the world.


Fresh butterfly pea flowers from our farm, ready to be sun dried and packed into our eco-friendly Bluechai packaging

Fresh butterfly pea flowers from our farm, ready to be sun dried and packed into our eco-friendly Bluechai packaging


Blue is one of the rarest natural food colors there is, only available in blue spirulina, butterfly pea flowers and through a mixture of red cabbage. With blue spirulina smelling “fishy” and red cabbage changing color too quickly, your only option to color food naturally blue is with butterfly pea flowers or a powder made from these pretty blue flowers. Steep the powder in hot water and it’ll turn into a striking cobalt-blue color – the blue pigments get extracted pretty fast. We recommend steeping the powder for 1-3 minutes only, otherwise the blue will turn into a very dark blue, almost black.

The most exciting thing there is to butterfly pea flower tea is that it can change its color from blue to pink! Just add an acidic ingredients like lime juice or lemon juice and the blue will instantly turn into a beautiful purple.

While we also offer the pure, dried butterfly pea flowers this powder is made out of, using the powder makes it much easiert o distribute ito tea blends, smooties or juices. It dissolves quickly and easily and can be used in alcoholic beverages. Beyond the mesmerizing color-changing abilities of butterfly pea flowers the powder gives a mild floral flavor to beverages, similar to green tea but more earthy.

  • No chemicals
  • No Preservatives
  • No Additives
  • No Animal Bi-Products
  • No Caffeine or Sugar

Recipes & Tips

Butterfly pea flower’s coloring and color shifting abilities can be used for interesting effects in the food service industry such as in beverages like tea or cocktails prepared tableside.
You can also use our butterfly pea flower powder make interesting ice cubes or use it as natural blue food dye to color white rice totally blue:

Butterfly pea flower powder can be steeped either hot or cold, it will dissolve much faster in hot water though.

How does tea made with butterfly pea flower powder taste like?

Butterfly pea flower tea has a mild vegetal and floral flavor and a deep blue color.

To dye foods, can you add the matcha straight to the food or do you have to dissolve in liquid first?

You can add our organic butterfly pea flower powder directly into foods, especially with rather moist foods (smoothie bowls etc). We’d recommend dissolving it in warm water first to get all the natural food dye out of the powder though. The powder doesn’t require much liquid to release the blue color. The process is similar to making a paste out of green tea matcha to use as natural green food dye but in this case it’ll be blue instead of green.

Can you mix butterfly pea flower powder with other teas?

Absolutely, in fact you’ll notice that the aroma turns much more complex when you add lemongrass to it (see Bluechai Blue Tea which is a blend with butterfly pea flowers & lemongrass). Your blue tea will also taste great with stevia, organic honey, sugar and spices and ginger tea. Here at Bluechai we offer the butterfly pea flowers pure as well or mixed with organic Moroccan rose buds.

How to make the butterfly pea powder water/tea change color?

To make the blue tea change color from blue to pink, simply mix in a squeeze of lemon juice or lime juice. Your entire cup of blue tea will instantly change to a beautiful royal purple. You can also you vinegar as anything that changes the pH value of your drink will result in a color-change of the butterfl pea flower juice – it’s basically a natural Litmus pH Test Strip. Fun fact: Mix in some baking soda to your now purple/pink drink, stir and it’ll instantly change back to blue – makes for a great science party trick!


Either store your butterfly pea flower powder in the original doypack sachet or in an airtight container in a cool, dark, dry place.


Package: Doypack

Net weight: 50g/1.8oz

Worldwide registered priority airmail from Germany, made by Fluxias GmbH in Germany.

Size:Doypack, net weight: 50g/1.8oz
Naturally Gluten Free
Naturally Caffeine Free

1 review for Organic Butterfly Pea Flower Powder

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jack Martin

    very hard to come by in the US locally but shipping only takes a few days. Butterfly pea flower powder is my new favorite thing to use in the kitchen, especially at parties for color-changing drinks and for making my daily blue smoothie bowl. The best part: it’s organic, just the pure powdered flower petals in this doypack, lasts me a month.

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