Natural bamboo matcha whisk + travel box

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Get your personal matcha whisk made from 100% natural bamboo and start preparing your blue, red, pink or green matcha powder the traditional way – wooden travel box included!

Whisk away and enjoy!

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Prepare your matcha tea in style with our all natural bamboo matcha whisk! Your whisk comes in a easy-to-use travel box made from 100% wood, so you can be sure to enjoy 100% of mother nature’s goodness.

As your matcha whisk is made of natural bamboo, please dry the whisk after whipping up some delicious matcha and leave it to dry.

Chansen (the official name of natural bamboo whisks for matcha) is like a wire whip except that it’s made entirely out of bamboo. It’s a crucial tool in order to get a perfect cup of delicious matcha. Our Chasen is handmade and made of one piece of natural bamboo crafted into fine bristles (there are between 55-64 prongs or bristles on each whisk). It helps to whisk any matcha powder into frothy lather which brings out the fine inner mellow flavor of the tea.

The bamboo is usually 2cm-2.5cm thick and 9cm-12cm long. There are a vast amount of bamboo matcha whisks on the market. The type of bamboo used to make a matcha whisk is often different, the most common being handcrafted from white bamboo. The amount of prongs also differs from whisk to whisk. To get the best results when preparing any of our blue, red or pink matcha it is advisable to use one of our matcha whisks.

How to use a natural bamboo matcha whisk?

It’s recommended to sift matcha powder for better lather, and moist your Chansen with warm water to sofen it. Place 1 spoon of matcha powder in tea bowl. Pour in 70cc 80°C-100°C (185F-boiling) water. Using your bamboo whisk quickly whisk the matcha tea in direction of writing “W” into a frothy lather. Enjoy!

Specifications of your soon-to-be favorite Ceremony Bamboo Chasen/matcha whisk:

  • Prongs Quantity:55-64 prongs
  • Height:3.5inch/90mm
  • Top Diameter: 2.17inch/55mm
  • Bottom Diameter: 0.87inch/22mm
  • Net Weight: 0.4oz/12g
  • Net Weight with Package: 1.9oz/53g
  • The material used to make the whisk is a pliable type of bamboo. The bamboo is cut in its third year during winter, it is then dried and stroed for about a year.