Lycopodium Clavatum – Make your own “Goblet of Fire” drink

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Turn into a wizard with your own magical “Goblet of Fire” using Lycopodium Clavatum (100% Common Club Moss Seeds)

How to: Top your beverage with a splash of rum and carefully light on fire. Then add the seeds to a teaspoon and slowly sprinkle over the flames, resulting in small explosions and fire effects for your party and show – see images and video below.

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Make your own Goblet of Fire drink!!!

Image source: thesmartlocal & instagram/singaporeliciouz

The spores of this moss are explosive if present in the air in high enough densities. They were used as flash powder in early photography and magic acts.

This “Goblet of Fire” cocktail is literally on fire! You can order the drink at the Harry Potter-themed restaurant Platform 1094 in Singapore or make it at home. Incendio!

The Goblet of Fire cocktail is made with blue tea, lemonade and rum before being set on fire.

Image by FFL Fresh Fruits Lab

The special fire effect is courtesy of our clubmoss seeds which are slowly spinkled over the burning cocktail.

Image by Fluxias GmbH

Club moss seeds have been used since the Middle Ages by the sorcerers, fire-eaters and pyrotechnicians to surprise the people with effects. The Club moss seeds are the basis for many fire effects. The Club moss seeds are the spurs of common club moss. The Club moss has existed on this earth for over 300 million years. He is a very adaptable plant. In the course of human history the club moss seeds got many interesting names. Among other things, it is also known as earth sulfur, witchwort, devil’s claw, lightning powder, witch’s meal and snake moss due to its pyrotechnic usability.

The Club moss seeds be grated first for the firing effects and atomized. The resulting from the original plant Club moss dust can then be easily ignited. The crushed fine spores can be thrown into the air both through a simple bellows and through a pipe, with the help of a propellant, and ignited there. The Club moss seeds can threw dart flames from a few centimeters to 10 meters. Often the Club moss seeds are therefore used for simple fire effects at events and concerts. Since the fire effects generated by the club moss have low heat, they are hardly a hazard in expert hands. That’s why they are so popular at the concerts and events where many people come together.

The club moss seeds are also used effectively in other areas. They serve as release agents of tablets, transferred former perpetrators in fingerprint comparison, helped with microscopic examinations and as a so-called wind indicator for hunters in the forest. As a wind indicator, they are thrown into the air in a similar way to the pyrotechnic effect. Since the club moss seeds  are clearly visible, they show perfectly the wind direction. The club moss, which is abundant in nature, is therefore a popular crop. The spores of the club moss are used regularly to restore beautiful old objects. The restorers use the plants as a fine filler and as a filler when restoring. This is how valuable works of art, ancient antique frames and many other beautiful things look like when they were made with the help of spurs.

Many people know the club moss from school lessons. Some famous experiments are carried out in physics lessons at schools and universities with the spores of the plant. In chemistry lessons, the spores are used in connection with the teaching of the atom. But on many medieval artisan markets, the famous spurs are still used for fire breathing. So even today many people are delighted with these fireworks effects and can get a picture of the old times in medieval Europe.

Is the dust from Lycopodium explosive?
Yes. The airborne Lycopodium is explosive! Accidents are not known to us but anyway, smoking ban and no handling of open fire should be self-evident.

Can Lycopodium (bear’s pollen) cause allergic reactions?
Yes. Lycopodium can cause a reaction in allergic persons. For a good ventilation at indoor actions is to be ensured.

What happens if I accidentally swallow Lycopodium?
It is similar to flour, it sticks a little and does not taste too much. You also have a bad feeling, because you just think just something toxic have swallowed. But the classic amount of one tablespoon is completely harmless.

Is it possible to use pure oxygen to swirl Lycopodium?
Only if you want the one but everything uncontrollably flies around the ears. There is a high risk of explosion! Compressed air is completely sufficient and ensures really impressive and above all well-controlled pyro effects.

What happens if you accidentally inhale the Lycopodium in your mouth?
For a larger amount you should consult a doctor. The fine-dust particles can lead to encapsulation reactions, so-called fibrosis, in the lung tissue. These can in turn cause life-threatening reactions.
Personally, I know two cases of fire breathers that have inhaled less lycopodium in the mouth (not everything). No one has gone to the doctor and no one has become bad or black after coughing. One could breathe a bit worse in the evening but the next day everything was over again. They both still spit with Lycopodium today, happy and satisfied ….

How do you spit fire with Lycopodium?
As unfortunately can not help. We are professionals in the trade of vegetable raw materials, but to explain the technique of fire breathing, we prefer to refer professionals in the fire art scene.
A good introduction to the art of fire breathing can be found on The owner of this site is himself a fire pusher with years of experience and has written a very good book on the subject. sh. If you want to learn fire breathing and fire-eating, you can not ignore this classic.
More interesting addresses can be found under our link tips.

Do you need a permit for fire breathing with Lycopodium?
If you do that in public, yes.

Is it possible to fire spit with flour?
Yes. It is only a lot more difficult than with Lycopodium. Flour dust has a higher ignition temperature, flour sticks much faster in the mouth and flour can be more difficult to dose and spit. Just the right amount is of great importance for flour. There are few fire breathers who spit flour and master this art perfectly.

Product Overview & Details

Net Weight: 0.5oz / 15g
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Storage Instructions: Dry, Cool & Dark Conditions
Dietary & Allergy Info: Non GMO, Gluten Free. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians. No chemicals/preservatives/additives.
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***Blow out the flames before consuming – Do not leave children unattended when around fire!*** 

Preventive measures against burning drink
Before lighting the cocktail, keep a fire extinguisher ready, remove all spirits, wipe off any spilled liquids, wipe off the remaining alcohol from your hands, make sure you do not use napkins, towels, and anything like that could be exposed to the flame. Do not blow out or knock out the flames because the burning liquid could escape and spread the fire. Use common sense and do not try to drink drunk!