Luscious Blue Orange Blossom

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Our orange blossoms are harvested fresh during bloom in Spain and have the most amazing smell, aroma and taste. Perfectly blended with Bluechai flowers.

Beware, you will fall in l♥ve with this luscious tea blend!

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Each luscious blue orange blossom tea blend comes in a beautiful, handmade wooden box and contains 40g/1.41oz of tea.

Lovingly handmade, blended and packed in Germany, our blue orange blossom tea quickly has become a favorite among tea connoisseurs, hotels and spas. Simply take a teaspoon full of blue orange blossom and let it steep in boiling hot water for 2-3 minutes. Your tea will slowly turn into a beautiful indigo blue that smells and tastes like freshly picked orange blossoms. This exotic (dare to call it magic?) blue tea can be turned into a mesmerizing pink with a few drops of lemon or lime juice.

Enough writing, let’s get to a preview:

Blue Orange Blossom Tea (2)



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