Licorice juice powder

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Licorice is very good instead of sugar!

Licorice also has many supporters in the domestic kitchen; For example, there are delicious liquorice sauces for roast pork, licorice desserts, herbal liqueur and liquorice ice cream!

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Thus, the brown juice contains glycyrrhizin (of which comes the sweet taste, which is a mixture of potassium and calcium salts), coumarins, polysaccharides, flavonoids and phytosterols. The shrub grows, partly cultivated for the production of medicines and stimulants, in Asia, the Caucasus and in the area of ​​the Mediterranean.
The licorice plant consists of more than 400 ingredients and has 50 times the natural sweetening power of cane sugar. In 2012 she was named the medicinal plant of the year.
Licorice root juice is also used for tea and is the basic ingredient for herbal liqueurs and bitters and in the field of drug production.
Licorice arises from the thickened juice. We know black licorice-snails, pastilles or sweets.

Do you know?
“There is a liquorice equator in Germany, which runs approximately at the height of the main line.” North of it people like to eat, they just do not like the taste “. Sales figures prove the existence of this equator: “We sell over 80 percent of our liquorice in Germany in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony.” Stay 20 percent for the remaining 14 states. (Heiner Wolters, spokesman for Katjes, one of Germany’s most famous liquorice manufacturers).

The powder is supplied in a resealable aroma protective bag and should be stored in a dry, air- and light-proof way to preserve aroma.

Product Information: Content Glycyrrhiza glabra L. 100% | Net weight 1.76oz / 50g | Shelf life 24 months | made in Iran / processed in Germany

Diet & Allergy Info: vegan | organic| GMO-free | does not contain sal ammoniac

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