Honey Powder

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Honey powder is made from pure honey.
It’s much easier, more accurate and cleaner to use than honey due to its pulverization.

Use honey powder to refine your smoothies, hot or cold drinks.
It’s also great for pastries, cakes and for marinating BBQ – just think of honey glazed spareribs with honey that actually stays on the meat. Ideal for caramelizing roasted nuts or in skin care products like soap and peelings.

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Honey Powder is a real energy booster and a jack of all trades!

Honey powder enhances the taste and allows you to easily make delicious smoothies, hot or cold drinks or pastries and cakes or use it to marinate or rub BBQ meats such as spareribs or roast pork, also ideal for caramelizing roasted nuts.

Honey powder is made from 100% honey in a special, very gentle spray drying process. Our Honey Powder is without artificial coloring or flavorings or preservatives. Honey powder usually clumps up once processed, in order to prevent this we add pure, natural corn starch.

Generally, honey has a lower calorie content than household sugar but has more sweetening power. So if you use honey powder for sweetening you need much less than regular sugar, hence saving you lots of calories. Honey consists of two-thirds of glucose (glucose) and fructose and a fifth of water and also of maltose and sucrose (other natural sugars). Also, calcium, potassium, sodium (minerals and amino acids (enzymes) and small amounts of iron, zinc, copper (trace elements) and vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin are in the honey powder.

Honey has been used as a home remedy since ancient times and is said to have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-allergic properties. See Ingredient Spotlight: Honey Powder for more info on honey’s health benefits.

Honey powder is also used for personal care. There are great recipes, e.g. for soaps, body scrub or skin whitening. Honey Powder is used as a natural skin cleanser and detacher that pulls excess oil and dirt out of the pores.

The powder is supplied in a resealable aroma protective bag and should be stored inside in a dry, air- and light-tight manner.

  • Ingredients: Honeypowder, corn starch
  • Country of Origin: PRC
  • Shelf life: 2 years from production date
  • Storage Instructions: airtight in doypack, dry, cool & dark conditions
  • Net Weight: 2.65oz / 75g
  • Premium Quality: No chemicals/preservatives/additives
  • Worldwide registered priority airmail – fast shipping


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