Colorful Matcha Bundle – Organic Blue, Red & Pink

$ 49.90

Beautiful gift set consisting of our unique, all organic blue, red and pink matchas in 100% natural bamboo tubes.

Pamper yourself or surprise a loved one with this extraordinary matcha bundle!

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The following matchas are included in this bundle, click the names below to go to the individual products pages:

Beautiful & Natural Packaging

Your colorful matchas are securely stored in these all natural, handmade, eco-friendly bamboo tubes. The bamboo is not treated with any chemicals, so you receive a sustainable, all natural product from beginning to end. Bamboo is growing at unbelievable speed which allows us to handcraft these beautiful containers on an ongoing basis without harming the environment.

We’re sure you’ll not only fall in love with the contents but also the packaging itself!

The 3 bamboo tubes are lovingly handcrafted, see below: