Blue Tea Set – The world’s only 3 blue teas

$ 34.90

Set consisting of the only 3 naturally blue teas out there

  • Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea – Net weight: 30g/1.05oz
  • Blue Mallow Flower Tea – Net weight: 15g/0.5oz
  • Black Goji Berry Tea – Net weight: 9g/0.31oz

Beautiful set made with 100% organic teas in all natural bamboo and wood packaging.

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Butterfly Pea Tea – Color-Changing Blue Tea

The original butterfly pea blue tea, featured by TV, newspapers and magazines. Our dried butterfly pea flowers are all natural, organic and of highest quality. Discover the real blue tea, also known as butterfly pea flower tea. Each Butterfly Pea Tea comes in a beautiful, handmade wooden box and contains 30 grams/1.05 ounces of our finest dried butterfly pea flowers. That’s several hundred hand-collected flowers which make up to 50 cups of tea.

Net weight: 30g/1.05oz

Organic Blue Mallow Flower Tea

Blue Mallow is our latest blue tea discovery – delicate and tender the mallow flowers will turn your tea blue. This is magical in itself but a drop of lemon juice will turn your blue cup of tea all pink.

Your blue mallow tea comes in a beautiful handmade wooden box and contains 15g/0.5oz of organic blue mallow flowers.

Net weight: 15g/0.5oz

Rare Black Goji Berry Tea

Black goji berry is related to the red goji berry but so much more awesome. It turns your tea naturally blue and turns pink with a few drops of lemon – plus, it’s a superfood.

Net weight: 9g/0.31oz