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Premium Organic Blue Matcha


Experience all natural blue matcha in our beautiful natural bamboo tube.

Create stunning blue matcha teas or use it for delicious blue sweets, smoothies, latte, baking … you'll be amazed how versatile blue matcha is. Makes 46 cups at the recommended serving size of 0.5g/cup.

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All natural blue matcha

Brew yourself a cup of blue matcha and instantly feel focused, yet calm and settled.

Combine Coffee & Matcha! Make beautiful Matchaccino with delicious blue milk foam on top.

Like green matcha, blue matcha can be used as all natural food dye.

Cooking with blue matcha? YES!


Steep your blue matcha in hot water for 2 minutes, strain and use the blue water instead of normal water when boiling rice. The result will blow you away! The blue matcha transforms the rice into a beautiful blue – kids go absolutely crazy for this.

Ever thought of making delicious homemade icecream or banana nice cream? Now is the time to, simply add your blue matcha to the milk/bananas and watch it turn blue. Add a few drops of lemon juice or lemon sorbet to it and the blue matcha will instantly turn pink. Icecream Science…


Food Stylist Lulu creates these mouth-watering blue desserts on a regular basis. Blue matcha turns a LOT of foods blue, try it in your yogurt, milk, pasta, rice, chia seeds … the list goes on! Image ©lulusdreamtown

You can even create amazing mocktails and cocktails with blue matcha, take an old fashioned gin tonic for example – simply add a pinch of blue matcha to your gin, stir well and add sparkling tonic water. Your drink will instantly turn blue, or pink if you decide to add lemon to it.


Blue matcha comes in an all natural, beautiful round bamboo tube. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with the simple yet elegant design, plus it refillable so you won’t have to throw it away once your blue matcha is empty. Use if as natural tea containerwhile travelling or working.

Food blogger Anina from Switzerland uses blue matcha in her amazingly delicious vegan desserts. This is a plum and fig parfait topped with coconut yogurt and crispy granola, be sure to check out our photo gallery for more of her mouth-watering blue matcha recipes.

Blue matcha has NO caffeine

We trust you’ll enjoy the creamy taste of our blue matcha and will feel an instant lift, focus and burst of feel-good without any jitters. Blue matcha does not contain any caffeine and is absolutely safe to drink for adults and childen alike.

Does NOT taste fishy like blue spirulina

100% Natural & Vegetarian

No Caffeine, No Sugar, No Lactose, No Gluten

Blue Smoothie Bowl made with blue matcha, coconut flakes, yogurt, chia seeds ...

Image © by aniahimsa

Being blue is a lifestyle

Blue matcha is refreshingly simple to use, just add it to your daily routine and it’ll add that little extra twist to your foods or drinks.

“The flavor is light, fresh and sweet and the way it makes me feel… well it’s fair to say I can’t be without it now. The only thing that could ever replace my morning Cappuccino” Sonia from Dayton, Ohio.

Get ready for blue matcha and let it transform your kitchen!

We ship worldwide from our first-class warehouse in Germany, so what are you waiting for?

Nutrition Info

Calorie Free, Fat Free, Saturated Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, Sodium Free, Sugar Free.

Nutrition Facts per 0.5g serving:Nutrition Facts for an entire tube of blue matcha:

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product in not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

7 reviews for Premium Organic Blue Matcha

  1. Thomas (verified owner)

    Blue matcha is my go-to food color! You can basically use it in any food or drink you want, my little one wants me to mix her a blue matcha milk smoothie every evening which she calls “Smurf Milk”

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Christine Yong

    A beautiful product that gives you the whole spectrum of blue (depending on quantity used to mix). My colleagues are always amazed when I turn up at work with blue chia pudding or smoothies. Blue is one of the hardest colour to make in food and beverages but with @matcha.blue , it’s as easy as 123. Thank you for such an awesome product; both pleasing to the eyes and taste buds. For those still skeptical, think of all its goodness. Honestly, there’s nothing to lose, just lots to gain.

  3. Valerie lim (verified owner)

    I came across matcha blue through instagram and thought is pretty interesting to see matcha in blue colour. And i decided to get it for the first time to try it and yes no regrets and i use it for my overnight oats, yogurt, matcha latte and morning cereal as well. I like it cos is organic and is sugar free as well and we can literally mix it with any food to produce a really nice colour. Definitely worth instagram 🙂 will purchase it again.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jesse Lane Wellness (verified owner)

    I love the blue matcha! I used it to make a gender reveal smoothie on live tv. Everyone loved how it turned blue without any artificial colouring. You can watch it in action here https://www.jesselanewellness.com/recipe-roundup/healthy-mothers-day-brunch/

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    PurpleMermaid (verified owner)

    I love Organic Blue Matcha! The color is beautiful and magical 🙂 It makes wonderful hot or iced tea 🙂

  6. Rated 3 out of 5

    Suzy (verified owner)

    I recently received the colour bundle (red pink and blue) and tried to make blue coconut latte and pink/blue chia pudding but am not getting the colours i expected. The powder is not getting dissolved completely. Any tips? Next week is my son’s birthday and i want to colour the icing of the cake. Please help.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Celia Antunes (mosswingbird) (verified owner)

    It’s a delightful experience! The color is stunning…obsessed with it, even when I drink water must be blue :)))

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