3 Aqua Herbal Bath Teabags

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3 herbal bath tea bags in a beautiful, handmade wood box for a very special and relaxing bath in the evening.

Packed with more than 7 all natural ingredients (see below) these bath tea bags will make you feel like Cleopatra in no time!

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A nice blend with many herbs, pure natural dead sea salt and skin nutrition ingredients for a relaxing bath time. Herbal bath tea bags bring a natural beautiful colour, healthful benefits through the skin and by breathing in the aromatherapy pure scents. All ingredients are 100% natural and cultivated without chemicals. It’s really a valuable self-care tool, stress-buster for a healthier skin. Each bag contains 15g //3 bags per package.


Perfect for the end of a tough day, after a workout, mowing, shoveling snow or to calm down before going to bed! Gently stimulates circulation and the nervous system.

Bathe and skin

Warm water, steam heating and benefits of herbs stimulates the pores to enlarge, which means accumulated dirt in the skin is driven out by sweating and being replaced with the benefits of natural herbs to relax the muscles and skin without harmful chemicals.

Temperature and time

Water at a temperature of 37°C/98°F is good to take a bath for 20 minutes.


More than 7 natural healthy ingredients combine well together with relaxing exotic smells from natural ingredients such as hay flowers, bath sea salt from the dead sea, alpinia galanga oil, moringa oleifera oil, patchouli, cornflowers, rose petals, marigold flowers and blue mallow flowers.